Hurricane FAQs and Pro-Tips


As we prepare for large weather events there are pro-active steps that can help you be ready to move forward after the damage happens.  Use the pro-tips below to be as prepared as you possibly can.  In addition, some of the most frequently asked questions we receive are shown below for your reference.

Pro – Tips

1)  Take a video of the inside and outside of your home
2)  Take still camera shots of expensive items (computer, TV, etc)
3)  Take pictures of the inside of your fridge/freezer
4)  Download ReadyNC App on your smart phone
5)  Review preparation recommendations at

Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Is damage from a Hurricane covered on my homeowner insurance policy?

Yes, the normal damages caused by a hurricane are covered under a homeowner insurance policy including (but not limited too) wind, hail, lightning, debris falling, etc.  The peril that IS NOT covered is flood damage.

2)  Is flood damage covered on my homeowner insurance policy?

NO, flood damage is not covered on a homeowner insurance policy.  Flood insurance has to be purchased on a separate policy and is subject to a 30 day waiting period for coverage after purchase.  If you suffer flood damage during the storm and do not have flood insurance, there are programs through FEMA where you can seek assistance in the rebuilding/repair of your home.

3)  Do I have coverage for the food in my freezer/refrigerator if we lose power and it spoils?

If you have the Refrigerated Property Endorsement on your policy then you have coverage for this type of loss.  The maximum payout is $500 and is subject to $100 deductible.  For example, you have $600 in food in your freezer and it all spoils during Hurricane.  The payout would be $600 – $100 deductible = $500.00.

4)  Does my policy cover hotel and living expenses if I can no longer live in my home after the hurricane until it is repaired?

Almost all homeowner insurance policies include loss of use coverage.  This coverage “kicks-in” when a part of your home becomes unfit for use as a result of a covered peril.  Common examples of this following a hurricane are debris falling on the house, wind removing portions of the roof, etc.  The main point being that there must be covered damage to your home that makes the home untenable for this coverage to start.  The company will pay out up to the limit of the Loss of Use coverage while the home is being repaired.

5)  Are my automobiles covered if they are damaged in the storm?

This type of physical damage to your vehicles would be covered under your Other than Collision/Comprehensive coverage subject to your deductible.  Unlike homeowner insurance, if you have Other than Collision/Comprehensive coverage, flood damage is covered for your vehicles.

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